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Frequently asked questions

Question: What is travel medicine?
Answer: One illness can ruin that much planned for family vacation or important business trip, Travel medicine is a multidisciplinary field dedicated to prevention, management, and patient safety during international travels. Those traveling to India, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, or Central and South America all have specific medical concerns for that particular region. Tiny Travels knowledgeable physicians and staff can provide destination specific information, vaccinations, prophylactic medications, and much more. Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or humanitarian reasons Tiny Travels will have you prepared.

Question: Why the name Tiny Travels?
Answer: Although we are a practice that provides travel medical recommendations for all members of the family, we are a unique practice that has further expertise in pediatrics. Even with the shortest trip you have planned, you will be exposed to health hazards. We are here to help you handle these challenges.

Question: How is your consultation different from what my primary care provider can offer?

Answer: Travel health warnings and recommendations can change almost on a daily basis throughout the world. We are a team of trained professionals who have a finger on the pulse of the latest recommendations and guidelines. We have knowledge of the unique vaccines and medical recommendations that may not be available via your physician. We will communicate with your primary care provider regarding medication and vaccine administration for coordination of care.

Question: I am just visiting friends and relatives in my country. I was born in (insert country) and going back to visit, why do I need to see a travel medicine doctor? Isn’t it just for tourists?
Answer: You may be surprised to know that travelers visiting friends and relatives (VFR group) in their native country are at higher risks of illness and injury. This is because they often travel for longer periods, stay and eat with the local population and do not take as many precautions. Did you know that this group is 8 times more likely to be diagnosed with malaria than a tourist to the same country? In a recent survey, it was found that 94% of all cases of Typhoid were VRFs. The VEF group is also at a much higher risk of measles, tuberculosis and diarrhea. Visiting us before your trip will help you stay healthy during your travels. You and your family are at the highest risk group for travel related illness.

Question: Can I know before my visit what vaccines will be recommended for my trip?
Answer: Yes, this information is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ ) website has up to date recommendations for you, and we encourage you to explore this website.

Question: Will my insurance cover your charges?
Answer: Unfortunately most insurance plans do not cover the costs of travel medicine and vaccines. We do not accept any insurance plans at this time. We will be happy to provide the paperwork needed to submit the charges to your insurance company for reimbursements. We do offer HSA payment options.

Question: What are my payments options?
Answer: Tiny Travels accepts cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA). We require payment in full at the time services are rendered.

Question: What should I expect at my visit?
Answer: Tiny Travels physicians and staff strive to provide our clients with an all-inclusive guide to their specific travel needs. After reviewing your specific health needs, travel plans and country of travel, we compose a recommendation package for review at the time of consultation. You will also receive counseling on safety precautions, prophylactic medication, and management for common ailments of travelers, such as traveler’s diarrhea and altitude sickness. For your convenience we carry travel related products in our office for a one stop shop.

Question: What is an international Certificate of Vaccination?
Answer: Travel to certain countries require an international certificate of vaccination. Tiny Travels is a registered practice authorized to provide this certificate. Tiny Travels is a registered yellow fever vaccine provider. If you receive the yellow fever vaccine Tiny Travels will provide you with a Certificate of Vaccination card at the time a vaccination.

Question: What about Malaria?
Answer: Recommendations for malaria prevention are addressed during your visit. These recommendations vary based on the patient’s past history, health status, activates planned country and time of travel.

Question: How far ahead of my trip should I get my immunizations?
Answer: Travelers should make certain that there is enough time to see Tiny Travels and obtain any necessary vaccinations prior to traveling-ideally this is about 4-6 weeks. At the minimum two weeks before travel when possible, due to the nature of some vaccines that may require 3 doses or require longer intervals before travel to complete the series. Also for vaccines to reach their maximum protective benefits the body’s immune system must produce protective antibodies in response to the vaccine. This on average takes about two weeks.

Question: How many different vaccines may I receive on one visit?
Answer: All commonly used vaccines can safely and effectively be given simultaneously without impairing antibody response or increasing risk for reaction, which is especially good news for travelers that need to be immunized against multiple diseases. You can essentially receive all the vaccinations you desire that are recommended for your course of travel.

Question: What side effects might I expect after receiving my vaccinations?
Answer: Serious reactions are very rare. Some may experience local tenderness or a low grade fever. Tiny Travels will provide you with a CDC Vaccination Information Sheet for all the vaccinations we administer. You may also access a complete listing of possible side effects and other useful information for all vaccines by visiting the CDC Vaccine Information Sheets site (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/vis/index.html).